Sunday 24 January 2010

Monkeying with the Formula

After the playtest in the deep snow of early January, the feedback suggested more information on the social and political set-up might be rather nice. You know, just in case not everyone interested in the game was a science geek (hard as that might be to believe).

So I have been researching, piecing together yet more fragments and attempting to knit another alternative history. Its been much more tricky than the engineering section, which positively lept into place of its own volition.

I had hoped to have a free version of the game finished by tonight; a basic version of the rules (only minimally adapted from the playtest) with a few crumbs of background separated into Cogs (science and engineering), Cakes (social and artistic) and Swordsticks (politics and war) sections. This layout was suggested by Jean and makes perfect sense within the context of the game (thank you, Jean).

However, wading through the politics of Europe in the mid to late 1800s has proved too much for one night. I don't want to sicken myself with it, so I feel that a nice soak in some decadent bubbles may well be in order to revive my flagging inspiration.

Still, by the end of the week, prepare for news  of where you can grab the free version. The general idea is that you'll download it, read it and test it to destruction so that when it does finally make it to a saleable PDF, its worth shelling out some money for!

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